The government of India has always been trying hard to upgrade the underprivileged sections of the society across all states. Consequently, the government of Andhra Pradesh has begun a scheme for the farmers. It is intended with the sole purpose of making the lives of the farmers easier. As a result, the government has come up with several schemes which are meant to offer the best deals to the citizens so that they can live a good life ahead. 

YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme is meant to offer financial assistance to all the poor fishermen across the AP. Applicants would need to check their names in the YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme beneficiary list. Besides, they can check if they have received the benefit money as listed by the scheme. One can even check the payment status online from there. If you are applying for this scheme, and you do not know where to start, you are here at the right place. We would list all the necessary information to help you out!

What is YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme?

YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme is basically a government scheme that is meant for the fishermen in the state of AP. This scheme was originally launched on the day of World Fisheries Day. The Chief Minister YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy had launched this scheme as a part of the social welfare schemes in the AP state. People can easily avail the benefits of this scheme in the form of payment of ₹10000 to the fishermen. However, they ought to belong to the age group of 21 to 60 years. Also, they can fetch an extra subsidy on diesel at a new price of ₹ 9 per litre. Hence, this scheme is extremely useful for all the farmers and fishermen who can avail the facilities at a much lesser price. 

Benefits of YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme in the state of Andhra Pradesh

YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme has got a lot of benefits. Here are the details mentioned below:

  • The government has increased the support to the fishermen for nets and other equipments as well. The fishermen in Andhra Pradesh shall get ₹10000 benefit under the YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme instead of ₹4000. 
  • Besides, they are also eligible to get diesel at a better price. The scheme offers an additional subsidy on the diesel price. According to the YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme, the subsidy rate of diesel has been raised to ₹9 from that of ₹6.03. 
  • The scheme offers benefits to more than 130000 families in the state of AP. 
  • The candidates who have been counted as the eligible ones under this scheme can fetch an additional benefit of ₹ 5 lakhs to that of ₹ 10 lakhs based on the criteria of the scheme. 

How do you know whether or not you are eligible for the YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme?

In order to apply for the YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme, you would at first need to check whether or not you are able to meet all the eligibility conditions for the same. All you need is to go through all these details, and only after you are sure about them, you can go ahead and apply yourself for the scheme. Here are the criteria mentioned below:

  • The scheme is particularly meant for the AP fishermen only. 
  • In order to be eligible for the YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme, you need to have a resident of that concerned state, and must have a residential proof of living under AP state governance. 
  • You must be of the age group between 21 to that of 60 years
  • You need to offer a valid document of the citizenship of the state

Documents required for the YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme

In order to make sure that your application for the YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme is valid, you ought to provide the following documents:

  • Mobile number of the applicant
  • Aadhar card of the applicant
  • Any PoI document
  • Proof of fishing business
  • PoA document for address proof

How can you apply for the YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme?

Before you apply for a scheme, make sure that you have gone through all the terms and conditions that determine your eligibility for the same. In order to apply for the YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme, you ought to follow these simple steps mentioned below:

  • Simply visit the scheme application page
  • Offer the required information there. Make sure that you are entering all the credentials correctly. 
  • Attach documents and proofs. 
  • Enter your mobile number and register it online. 
  • Download the guidelines in PDF format and fill in the application form according to the instructions
  • Submit the form only after it is duly filled and then note the application number for future reference

YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme beneficiary list

You can easily download the list of beneficiaries under this scheme by simply downloading it through the official website of If you are a fisherman or a sea worker, you may easily see to the beneficiary list and get it downloaded. 

All these information on the website are meant to assure that you do not have to face any trouble in applying yourself for the same. All you need is to read through the eligibility criteria and then you can easily go ahead to find the necessary documents that you will have to attach in order to fill up this form successfully. You can take assistance from this website, and you can easily get your task settled. However, we suggest you to visit the official website of the state government prior to any decision. Make sure that you enquire through the official website in case you have a doubt. 

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