You’ve yeed your last haw emerged as a popular expression based on a kind of slang linked with the phrase commonly used by the cowboys, that is, “yee-haw.” While this expression was initially confined to the community of the cowboys, it became a part of the Twitter world, and from there, it expanded to get incorporated in image macros. You’ve probably come across this meme, but have you ever wondered about its origin and meaning. If yes, and if you are trying to figure out its meaning, you’ve come to the right place. Read along, and you’ll come to know more about it. 

What Is You’ve YEED Your Last Haw From? 

The expression of “yee haw” became popular after the release of a film of the Western genre in the Autumn of 2017. On 20th October 2017, a user of Twitter @pienar uploaded in his social media handle a catchy quote: “they always say yee haw they never ask haw yee.” This quotation spread like wildfire all over the internet and garnered over 252.7k likes, and was retweeted 97.5k times. 

Another variant of the same meme appeared after a year when a Twitter user @sadgirlkms posted with the caption “u have yeed ur last haw’ on 15th September 2018. This meme was also way too popular as it received above 72.3k likes and got retweeted over 27.5k retweets, just in 5 months. 

Several image macros were also posted on Twitter using this phrase, and this meme’s originator was @SavinTheBees. The image used was still taken from the episode of Frontierland of Supernatural. 

Who Said You YEED Your Last Haw? 

Keeping the phrase ‘yee haw’ used by the cowboys as the base, the expression of ‘You YEED your last haw’ popularized in the form of a meme that featured Dean Winchester, one of the characters of the show ‘Supernatural.’ The meme was represented in a way that made the audience feel that Dean is saying ‘You YEED your last haw.’ 

Is Yee Haw A Word?

Yee haw is a phrase exclusively used by the cowboys of North America. They use this phrase to denote their joy, enthusiasm, excitement, and exuberance while they are at the pastures, performing the role they are entrusted with. 

What is YEED? 

YEED is a word used in the cowboy’s phrase of ‘You’ve YEED Your Last Haw’ that denotes intense joy, thrill, and excitement. The term can also have derogatory implications. Yeed may refer to a person who is a complete fool or moron and does not possess even the basic shred of common sense and intelligence. 


It is really a fact of wonder as to how a simple, common phrase of You’ve Yeed Your Last Hawcan be incorporated into the community of memes to evoke fun and laughter. Social media has such a crucial presence in today’s world that general, basic words used in day-to-day life are also not spared. So it is actually good as memes bring out the local terms used by a particular group of people (here, the cowboys) to the world at large and result in some sort of universalization. Do you love memes? Did the meme of ‘You’ve Yeed Your Last Haw’ appeal to you? 

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