The White House has understood the relevance and importance of social media platforms towards widening the sensitization process regarding the vaccine eligibility. 

Yes, the move is being seen as a way to maximize its reach so that it can possibly have the biggest possible pleasant difference in the quickest time.

Biden government is using social media platform to register maximum reach

As per the reports coming out from Axios, the Biden administration is making use of Twitter and Facebook to widely popularize the eligibility norms for masses regarding Covid 19 vaccine. The concerned authorities have partnered with the social media platforms in this regard with an aim to effectively implement the procedure well before the deadline so that every US resident who has attained the age of 16 years can be eligible for the same. 

Covid 19 has spread like wild fire and there has to be a platform which should have the widest possible base so that it can reach to the maximum within no time. This aspect will work wonders in directly dispelling the myths while telling about the importance and significance of doses to be immunized, henceforth. 

The much needed media exposure has come in the wake of how half of the US residents have already been vaccinated with Covid 19. While taking in consideration about the country as a whole, there has been over 130 million who have already taken the first doze of vaccine. These are the same people who are at least 18 or older. 

Everything was going smoothly, until the news of how the single dose of Johnson & Johnson coronavirus has created mysterious results in the form of producing blood clots in six people. Such a result came to the fore right within two weeks of those who were vaccinated. Due to such a condition, it has naturally created concerns in the minds of those who were supposed to take next dose of vaccine.

However, good thing is that the above mentioned vaccine accounts for less than 5% of recorded shots in US. Hence, considering the minimal number, it isn’t going to create overwhelming impact for sure. 

In order to create favorable situations while informing about the utmost importance of the vaccination derives, the concerned administration is planning to sensitize the masses on a large scale. 

They will connect with others through social media toolkits to over 6,000 community partners where doctors and churches will be included as well. The drive will connect with most of the people out there thanks to the social media outreach. 

Every possible step is taken to maximize the reach

The official statement through Twitter has confirmed that the company is doing all it could in its capacity to pass on the relevant information about the virus, which will actually help in sensitizing the masses about the same. 

The set of information coming from reliable sources, White House in this case is able to further consolidate their belief in getting vaccinated for providing a cover to oneself amidst the vulnerabilities or virus present in the air. 

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