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Middle class families had always been ignored, and that’s when they lag behind. They often have to face financial crises, but they aren’t helped by anyone around. This is when they tend to have no other option but to approach the state or central government in order to seek some kind of assistance. The government is also thinking about their welfare and thus, launching different plans and programmes. Whatsoever, amidst this Covid 19 situation, things have become worse than ever! Consequently, the government is coming up with new funds in order to help the poor and the needy. 

Before we dive deep into the topic, let’s check out what middle class funds actually depict! Well, middle class fund is basically a programme that is filed with the intention to allot a dedicated fund with the ambition to offer relief to all the affected middle class families around, particularly amidst this serious pandemic situation when health has turned out to be a major concern among the people. Not just this, the financial crisis has now become the need of the hour. This fund will thus help all those affected families to meet up with their regular expenses. This would at least serve as a monetary assistance to them so that they can purchase groceries and essential food hours when several companies have been shut down, and thousands of men and women have lost their jobs. 

Vijay Deverakonda Foundation – A source of assistance

The south Indian actor, Vijay Deverakonda has recently launched up a foundation wherein the sole aim of this programme is to help the poor and the needy. Since Covid 19 situation has not left any hope for the people, and with the increasing number of cases each day, it seems as if things are on a long way to end. 

Amidst such hustle bustle, here is a source of help from the foundation. It is meant to offer help to all those people who belong to the middle class family category. If you are one of them, you can directly visit the Vijay Deverakonda Foundation website and ask for help right from there. All you need is to fill up an application form over there with all the necessary credentials that are mentioned over there, and you can address your concern as well. The foundation shall come up to help you at the earliest! 

The website application form wherein you need to open it by simply clicking the “Ask for Help” link that is present right over there. If you are eligible and in urgent need of money, you can seek help from this website by filling up all the necessary details over there and then clicking on the “Ask for help” button. 

The Middle class fund application is disabled at present

The number of middle class families in India is certainly huge. With the growing number of applications received by the website in a day, it has become really difficult for the members and authority of the foundation to address all of them. According to our sources, we have got to know that the foundation has received more than 70000 applications. As a result, it has become tough for the foundation to provide support to so many families at a time. Therefore, they are not receiving any new applications any more and it has been decided that only after the submitted proposals are accepted and addressed, only then they would start accepting new applications all over again. If you have recently come across the Vijay Deverakonda website and are seeing that the “Ask for Help” button is not working and you are unable to submit your application, do not feel disappointed. We apologize for the botheration caused to you. Just wait for some time, and we shall get back to you, all over again. 

Current updates about Vijay Deverakonda Foundation

According to the recent updates, Vijay Deverakonda Foundation has successfully helped approximately 17000 families in this lockdown situation. However, it did shut down its operation from 2nd of June, 2020 onwards. The foundation has raised ₹1.7 crore and thus, helped more than 17k households all across the nation. As we hear that the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are gradually resuming their business, and lives seem to get back to normal, the initiative has been paused. 

Undoubtedly, the entire credit goes to this young man, Vijay Deverakonda for his generosity who had witnessed the struggle that so many families did go through during this lock down situation. People could not even afford groceries and medicines during this time. Thus, he had set aside ₹25 lakh from his savings to assist the Middle class people. This Middle Class fund initiative was the brainchild of this young gentleman who had not only put forward his step to help out the society, but he had also invited several other celebrities and citizens to donate to the fund. Around 535 volunteers had joined the Devarakonda Foundation and they did help thousands of families within a month’s span. This money had successfully taken care of the medical and immediate requirements of many families in India. 

Certainly, it was a huge success and the foundation could succeed in raising an amount of ₹1.7 crore in just a span of 36 days. The fund authorities had recently come up with a tweet a couple of days back stating a ‘thank you’ message to all the volunteers, and donors. They have also expressed their gratitude for the team members to come up with such a thought and thus, make this movement successful. 

Nevertheless, recently in a forum, Vijay Deverakonda did not only talk about this fundraising campaign, but alongside he spoke about the First Job program which was meant to reach out to the youth and help them get in touch with several job opportunities. He further took pride in announcing that two students of the first batch had even received offer letters from a company. Indeed, the foundation deserves a ton of appreciation for opening such doors among the people. 

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