The Story Behind the Dank Meme: Me and the Boys at 2AM Looking for Beans

The “Me and the Boys at 2am looking for beans” meme is a classic. The original photo was posted on Reddit in April of 2018 with the caption “me and the boys at 2 am looking for beans.” Me and the Boys quickly became an internet sensation, generating over 3 million upvotes on Reddit alone, as well as being shared all over social media. Me and the Boys has spawned its own legion of fans who have created their own memes from it. Merchandise like shirts, mugs, hats are now available to purchase online!


The depiction of the Meme

On the cover of the meme, we can see three ghoulish, grey-bodied phantoms wandering, wide-armed, through an eerie, residential corridor. The three figures are purposefully pixelated, with their hands and faces obscured by the use of some graphics.

The lurid green and yellow lights in the background, the eerie silence and the lack of any other figures in this space, all contribute to a sense of dread. It is obvious from the image that it is a night time. The three figures are in the depths of an abandoned, eerie corridor with their red gleaming eyes imply that they are on the hunt.

As Me and The Boys at Two AM Looking for Beans, it has been shared many times across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. It is also seen in many variations.

The boys look like the munchies high on the smoke from a slumber party, hunting the kitchen for some food, beans to be specific. The meme was relatable to many people who have experienced the same situations whether or not high, and also to those who enjoy a good meme!


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