A Silent Voice 2 is the sequel to A Silent Voice, a manga by Yoshitoki Oima. A Silent Voice 2 was first published in October 25th 2016 and has been gaining popularity as it follows protagonist Shoya Ishida’s life after he transferred schools following bullying from his classmates due to his hearing disability. A Silent Light 2 focuses on the themes of redemption and forgiveness through its story about two people who struggle with their own pasts while trying to help one another.


Shoya Ishida bullied Shoko Nishimiya which led her to leave their elementary school. A Silent Voice Manga is about how Ishida and Nishimiya recovers from their past. A Silent Voice was adapted into an anime which aired on October 2016, with the new sequel A Silent Light following its story of redemption and forgiveness at a different school in Japan.

Shoko and Shoya have one difference; Shoya is hearing and Shoko is deaf. A Silent Voice Manga shows how each of them struggles with their disability, what they want to do in life, the issue of bullying, and many other themes that relate to being a teenager. A Silent Light also follows these same themes as it tells its story about two people who have had different hardships.

Shoyo cannot pay for his deeds and make up for the pain he caused Shoko. A Silent Voice manga is a story of redemption and forgiveness, but A Silent Light shows the difficulty in forgiving oneself.

Shoyo’s life changes completely though he is shunned by his schoolmates and friends. He longs for his voice to tell Shoko that he is sorry and A Silent Voice manga becomes about him finding his voice so that he can confess to her.

The protagonist in A Silent Light, Shoyo’s journey is a more difficult one as she struggles with feeling guilt. A Silent Voice has deep themes relating to high school life and confronting our mistakes to turn to a better path.

What is the ultimate climax to the story? Will Shoyo be able to confess his feelings for Shoko? Will Shoko listen to and forgive Shoyo for his cruelty?

For more, you must read the novel now.

About the book

The sequel has total of 196 pages in the manga form. The story is set in different genres like manga, love, school life and drama.

On every turn, you will find yourself amazed with the direction of Yoshitoki Oima. 

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