The Marriage of Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp and Jeremy Camp

In October, 2000 Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp married Jeremy Camp. Melissa was an American homemaker and first wife of Jeremy Camp Melissa was a Gospel singer and songwriter. Born on October 7, 1979, Melissa grew up in Southern Carolina, United States. She has two siblings, Megan and Heather. Melissa graduated from the University of South Carolina and started her own family with Jeremy. Their marriage did not have a good fortune though as she died just after 3 months of their marriage.


Jeremy met Melissa when she was 21 years old at a Bible Study in 1999. Jeremy was 23 years old. Melissa and Jeremy spoke to each other for the first time then. They got married in the October of 2000. Melissa lost her life after just three months of their marriage in Melissa’s tragic ovarian cancer on February 5th, 2000. It was a great moment of grief for Melissa’s family, friends and Jeremy.


Cause of Melissa’s Death

Jeremy was aware about her condition well before their marriage but Melissa and Jeremy decided to get married after she was declared cancer free. Melissa’s cancer cells reappeared and she was diagnosed soon after their honeymoon when she complained about feeling sick. Melissa’s cancer cells reappeared and her doctors told that it was spread throughout the liver and abdomen.

Just a month before their wedding, she had been cleared of cancer, Melissa was diagnosed with ovarian cancer but it went into remission. Melissa and Jeremy decided to get married after she was declared cancer free. Melissa’s doctors told her that the tumor had reappeared in November or December 1999.


Remembering Melissa

A movie named I Still Believe was made for Melissa and Jeremy’s story directed by Jon Erwin and Andrew Erwin. K.J. Apa starred as Jeremy, while the role of Lynn Henning was played by Britt Robertson. I Still Believe was originally a song written by Jeremy in the memory of Melissa soon after her death.

Her sister, Heather Dolan and mother, Janette Henning never fails to inspire people with Melissa’s faith and strength. Her mother is an author of the book that was written for Melissa.


Personal Life of Jeremy

Jeremy is currently married to Adrienne Liesching. It took him a lot of courage to get back to his life after Melissa’s death. Adrienne Liesching is an African singer and songwriter. They are blessed with three kids.

Jeremy performed his song “Walk By Faith” and “I Still Believe” for Melissa. He was very kind and emotional when he was supporting her to fight her battle against cancer. Melissa’s death was very hard on him and he never got over it.

He couldn’t even concentrate on his singing career but Melissa always believed in him. Melissa was blessed to have a loving and supportive partner till she breathed her last.


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