Presently, the state government is taking several initiatives to make sure that the employment issue is solved for the people within the state. Certainly, with the Vivid 19 pandemic taking into pace, things have become worse than ever. Lack of employment has made situations uncanny and this is why the Telangana government is taking up steps to help out the people in need, and provide them with a solution so that they can now go for jobs at ease. The Telangana NREGA or MGNREGA job cards are primarily distributed to all the workers under that same scheme. The applicants are eligible to check their NREGA payment status as well as the Telangana MGNREGA list from the official website itself. It is rather recommended to take all sorts of actions from the official website only instead of being redirected from several other blogs to make sure that you are grabbing authentic information. All you need is to open up a web browser on your device and then visit the official site at


The sole objective of MGNREGA is to enhance the livelihood security of the people in the rural parts of the country. They do it by offering them a hundred days of wage employment in the financial year. Their adult members should volunteer to do unskilled manual work. However, in order to avoid any issue during the wage payment and whether or not they are having an eligibility, one can check it through the official website wherein all the details regarding an employment are noted clearly. In order to assure the fact that things are made transparent before all, this portal is going to help you out. Whatsoever, the sole motif of the government is to make sure that none of the members in a family has to bear the discrepancies of having lost a job. 

Telangana Job card account details check online

The Telangana workers can easily check their job card account at If you want to check it for yourself, you may easily do it by following these few simple steps that are stated below:

  • At first visit the link:
  • Next, you will have to open the Job card menu
  • After that, click on the Job card Holders information
  • Now, you will have to select the Telangana NREGA job card information option
  • After that, select the district in Telangana
  • You will have to select Mandal for the NREGA list
  • You will consequently be asked to provide your gram panchayat and village
  • Once you are done with filling all the desired information, go ahead and click on the Go button. You can witness the NREGA Telangana job card details right there! 
  • You can then see a tabular format of job card holders in Telangana. You may also have to offer several card details options such as that of District name, No of HH issued job cards, no of HH – SC, No of HH – ST, No of HH – BC, and no of HH – others. Also, there are also other categories such as the total no of wageseekers male and female, disabled and the SHG members. It is important to ensure that you fill in all the credentials correctly without any issue for that may otherwise cause a hustle bustle at the end. 

Telangana NREGA list 2020

If you are looking forward to fetch the complete list of job card holders in the Telangana, you may wise to see it on the official website too. The district wise job card holders are enlisted right there! 

How to check the NREGA Telangana payment list 2020?

  • You can check the Telangana MGNREGA home page
  • You can click on the MIS reports option from there itself
  • Select the R14: Direct benefit transfer reports option right from there
  • Click on the R14.4 day-wise online payment disbursed details
  • You can now enter the date in order to check payment list and status too, right from there
  • Your Telangana NREGA payment status shall be displayed right over there on the screen. 

NREGA Telangana suspended workers list – NREGA Telangana rejected payments 2020

Are you still in a dilemma and is not being able to make out whether your job card is suspended or not, here is all that you will need to do! Checking out your card’s suspension and seeing whether or not your job card is rejected is pretty simple and all you need to make sure is to have the details of your desired credentials and the rest of the tasks will fall in place all by themselves. 

If you are looking for ways through which you can check the rejected payment as well as have a track of all the suspended job cards of various workers in Telangana, you can easily do it from the MGNREGA website itself by following a few basic steps as follows:

  • At first, you need to go to the Telangana state MGNREGA website
  • You will now have to select the R14 Direct Benefit transfer reports in the MIS report option
  • Next, you will have to go to R14.13 wage seeker bank account seeding status
  • After that, select Deactivated Household details link right from there
  • Select the district wise details of all the suspended households on the next page
  • You will have the rejected payment list right before you on the screen
  • Click on the name of the district and you will be able to check your rejection status

That’s all! You can visit the official website link as mentioned right here. This content is for the sole purpose of offering you with all the relevant information. Make sure that you visit it and in case you have any doubts regarding the procedure and steps listed above, feel free to reach us and we would happy to help you!

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