While the world is busy bingeing on Netflix, you can keep it in my backyard with my favorite Netflix shows: The Cops, The Office, and House of Cards. I can’t wait for the end of the season to see what happens to the characters they created rockstar lifestyle might not make it.

The truth is, though, that my favorite shows on the streaming service are ones I can actually watch in my own home. The Cops, which I can’t get enough of, is the show that has me begging my parents to come over and watch before I go to bed every night. The Office is the show that I’ve found so hard to put down.

One of the reasons I love Netflix is that I can watch all the shows I want there. I don’t have to worry about my roommates stealing my DVDs or my parents watching them so I can watch them over a few too many glasses of wine. I can just make my own schedule and get started on each show right now. I think that’s why I love Netflix. I can go to bed and turn on my laptop and find a show I want to watch and watch it rockstar lifestyle might not make it

I think that the reason I love Netflix so much is that I can watch a bunch of shows at one time and that has always made me feel better. I feel like its part of my general “can’t miss” mentality.

The good thing is that you can make your own schedule. You can watch a show, but if you don’t like it, you don’t have to move it around. This is great because there are so many shows on Netflix that make you want to watch them all. The bad news is that there are so many shows you can’t watch during one month.

The fact is that most shows that you don’t like actually require you to watch them in order to watch them. For example, Star Trek: Discovery is so great, but if you don’t watch it in order to watch it, you will have missed out on a ton of great moments. For every show that you like,rockstar lifestyle might not make it  there are hundreds more shows that you should have watched but didn’t.

The problem with Netflix is that they force you to watch so many shows. Not only that, but they don’t ask for your opinion or feedback. That’s what makes it so annoying. There are so many shows and so few people who actually go through and like them. Netflix wants to tell us what we should be watching, but they don’t really care what we think.


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