zumajo.com staff : Pit of Heresy Map is a dungeon based on the theme of a hive by Destiny 2. This game involves the task of making the players traverse below the moon’s surface and remove a wicked power that has been dwelling there for ages. It is a three-player game. However, if you wish to attack the devil single-handedly, you need to overcome tons of hurdles. It is a game replete with action sequences. 

Pit of Heresy makes you feel like to be a part of an exciting journey while you will be traveling through the dungeon. Read on to come across some exciting facts and quench your thirst by getting the answers to your queries regarding this game. 

Where Is The Pit of Heresy Located? 

Pit of Heresy is the second dungeon of Destiny 2. Crossing this dungeon and emerging out of it successfully to reach the moon is compulsory if you wish to win the game. It is pretty difficult to survive the dangers that will be posted upon you in the dungeon. You have to ensure lots of encounters and combats to stay the final action sequence. 

You can enter this region from the main doors located at the top area of the steps. From there, you can move towards the back portion of the room. Once you have an interaction with the shackled crystal, you will find yourself reaching the dungeon. It is the best place to farm Enhancement Prisms. 

How Do You Navigate Pit of Heresy? 

There are specific procedures to navigate through the Pit of Heresy. 

  • Attack three targets that are unique in nature- wizard, knight, and shrieker.
  • Start encountering actively by reaching the top room of the hive structure. 
  • You need to kill a gigantic knight and take over his sword. 
  • Keep spamming the basic mode of combat to kill the knight. 
  • Use the elevators to support yourself in case you need a backup. 
  • Open up three closed doors with empty orbs.
  • Look out for knights and drop off the void orbs. 
  • Make sure to dunk 6 orbs in the node located adjacent to the plate. 
  • Search for three wizards and then unlock the door. 
  • Just make sure that a lamp doesn’t kill you. 

Is Pit of Heresy Soloable? 

Since it is a multi-player game, playing Pit of Heresy may seem to be a bit difficult, but it’s not impossible. You need to follow numerous community maps and arm yourself with new gear to prepare for this challenging task. 

Try to obtain Hive Barrier and Hive Ornaments to cross the dungeon easily. Make use of swap weapons before your interaction tab hits the mark of 100%. Acquaint yourself with the dark pathways of the Tunnels of Despair. Patiently and cautiously cross the jumping sections. Play it safe to ensure that you don’t get killed. 

How Hard Is Pit Of Heresy? 

Pit of Heresy comes with a suggested power of 940. However, be prepared to face challenging encounters as the difficulty level may increase as high as 980. All you need to know to pass through the dungeon is to have a proper understanding of the area and the varied dangers looming large out here. Accordingly, you can prepare to move ahead. 


Pit of Heresy Map will offer you a comprehensive understanding of the dark, murky world of the dungeon. It is really a daunting task to cross it, more so because of the presence of a large number of hurdles and powerful enemies. However, don’t feel intimidated by these dangerous factors. Instead, arm yourself with the required gear to emerge unharmed and victorious. All the Best!


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