Zomajo.com staff : Produced by Cloverworks, Phil The Promised Neverland became a sensation among all anime lovers by its engaging storyline. However, what makes the show all the more popular and praiseworthy is that it revived the importance of horror anime series that fans were craving for a long time. Still, no producers came up with such a brilliant idea that Cloverworks did. Furthermore, the repercussions of the show were such that even Amazon Studios expressed the desire to create an adaptation where the actions will take place in real-time. 

The show revolves around Phil, a cute 4-year old orphan boy who is way too intelligent, who hatches the perfect plan to get all the four-year-old kids away from the orphanage that makes its inmates feel strange and perceive something suspicious about the place. You have probably watched the show and may have questions lurking in your mind. Keep reading to satisfy your queries. 

Is Phil Alive Promised Neverland? 

Phil survives in The Promised Neverland. After the outbreak of the fire at Grace Field post two year escape of Phil, it was found that Phil then resided on a plantation. 

So, Who Is The Real Traitor In Promised Neverland? 

Ray is the real traitor in The Promised Neverland. It was proved that the rope was removed from behind Norman’s bed. Anyways, all of these plottings were done to gain the trust of Isabella as his loyalty solely rested with Norman and Emma. 

How Old is Phil TPN Now? 

Born in 2041, Phil is a simple boy without a care in the world. He is extremely innocent but possesses great intelligence and good observing skills. In the show The Promised Neverland, when he was transported to the plantation, he was depicted as a 4-year old boy. 

Let’s See Who Is The Smartest In The Promised Neverland? 

If the award of the smartest character in The Promised Neverland has to go to someone, it will be Norman. He possesses exceptional intelligence and great concentration power. In addition, he is resourceful and has a significant presence of mind. Everyone at Grace Field greatly admires him. 

Norman is selfless. He doesn’t waver to sacrifice for the sake of the well-being of his siblings and is very generous. His witty nature made the people at the Experimental Farm get saved from the impending destruction. 

Norman got the moniker of ‘Boss’ by the saviors who expressed deep respect and devotion. The race of children was saved by the tactical powers of a single man, that is, Norman. 


Phil the Promised Neverland is the most loved anime show, more so because of the varied characters’ horror depictions and meticulous acting. Such a robust storyline definitely deserves worldwide praise. In addition, it is so thrilling that you will stay hooked to the series. Yes, it is that engaging! Have you watched the show? Did you like it? 

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