Mike & Molly: What We Know About the Cast 

Mike & Molly is an American television sitcom created by Mark Roberts which premiered on CBS since September 20, 2010 with 127 episodes distributed over six seasons. Mike & Molly was originally broadcasted for two hours on Monday nights at 9:00 pm Eastern/8:00 pm Central. Mike & Molly stars Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy as Mike Biggs and Molly Flynn, a Chicago Police Department detective and part-time housewife respectively.


Overview of the Sitcom Mike and Molly

Mike and Molly is a sitcom show which follows the story of Mike and Molly, a Chicago Police Department detective officer Mike Biggs and elementary school teacher Molly Flynn. Soon they begin with a casual relationship. The sitcom also stars Mike’s divorced mother, Peggy, Molly’s sister, Victoria and Mike’s best friend Carl. Mike and Molly runs throughout following the lives of Mike and Molly from their first meet to engagement and finally Mike and Molly’s marriage while they face challenges of their terrible relatives and work.


The Star Cast of Mike and Molly

Mike and Molly is an American sitcom which has led many actors. Mike (Billy Gardell) portrays Mike Biggs, a Chicago police who is good hearted, humorous and down to earth.

Molly (Melissa McCarthy) is an elementary school teacher who has a sweet personality. She is sweet, intelligent, and Mike’s best friend and love interest. She has quick temper and later aspires to be a writer. Mike and Molly have a problem with their weight and often overeat.

Mike’s mother Peggy (Rondi Reed) is very traditional and controlling.

Mike’s best friend Carl (Reno Wilson) is Mike’s partner. Mike has to restrain Carl who is impulsive, often making jokes about death or violence but they still care for each other. He has a tone of self pity.

Katy Mixon: Molly’s sister is a little bit of an airhead, and often even more so high on Marijuana. She likes to party. She is dimwitted but kind.

There are few other main leads in the show which includes David Anthony Higgins as Harry, friend of Mike and Molly; Cleo King as Rosetta McMillan who is Carl’s grandmother; Swoosie Kurtz as Joyce Flynn-Moranto, mother to Molly and Victoria.

The Mike and Molly cast is relatively small with only a few main leads but they are all cheerful and wins the hearts of the audience. Mike and Molly is a show for anyone who wants to be entertained by not just the characters but also their relationships.


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