Matthew West: Truth Be Told

Matthew West’s Truth Be Told is a magical song! Matthew is a Christian recording artist with 7 studio albums, 1 extended play (EP), 22 other appearances, seven music videos and 29 singles. Truth Be told in Matthew’s career is a mix of success and heartbreak; but through it all his faith in Christ has been the foundation for his life. Truth Be Told is Matthew’s album, ‘Brand New’ that was released on February 13, 2020. The album includes 13 songs with lyrical themes ranging from love to personal struggles to celebrating God’s grace.


Deep into the Song

Matthew speaks in one of his interviews that he wanted this song to be something different. It is a song that talks about faith, and how it can be difficult to maintain.

The lyrics for Truth Be Told are beautifully written. Matthew sings of his life in an honest way; telling us he’s trying to keep the faith people have in him while he’s struggling to keep his own faith going.

He says that the Christians are going to love him anyways, so it is worth for him to try a little harder. “Truth Be Told” is a song that will speak to people of faith, and it’s one we can all relate to: “The first lie we always tell ourselves is that we’re supposed to have it all together”

If you have come here for healing, Truth Be Told will encourage you to keep going and to keep holding on. He not only wants people to heal, but also wants them to know that honesty and courage is not a lie.


Media and Video Cover

The video covers a alcohol addict who is in denial struggling to change his life, a janitor disheartened due to losing his beloved wife, and a lonely woman who posts a curated picture on social media.

He wants people to know that the God watches everything they do and it’s not to be ashamed of what they are going through but rather, a bold step to accept what they’re going through and to share it with others.

It’s Truth Be Told for the sake of living in truth, not a lie!


Synopsis of Truth Be Told

Matthew West tries to explain honesty is never easy but there are no shortcuts or quick fixes to this complex road we all have traveled so far; We’re all broken in some way or another so Matthew West spends the rest of his time on this album encouraging people that God is with us every step we take because He never left our side.

If you haven’t heard Matthew West Truth Be Told album, I suggest you give it a listen!


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