Mass Healing Word 5e is one of the most played games of the D&D world. Having a casting time of 1 bonus action, Mass Healing Word has a range of 60 feet, and the duration is instantaneous. It is a game full of action sequences and is really thrilling. The users have to be witty and able to attack the creatures located within the specified radius to win the game. It has ‘evocation’ as its school. If you have played this game or want to do so, read along to enlighten yourself with the essential facts about Mass Healing Word 5e. 

How Good Is Mass Healing Word 5e? 

No doubt, Mass Healing Word 5e is one of the best games of the D&D group. Replete with powerful characters, rich visuals, graphics, and weapons, playing this game will bring you sheer delight. In this game, after uttering words that evoke restoration with a limit of 6 of your chosen beasts that can be observed within a close range, you can recover Hit Points amounting to 1d4 along with your bonus of Spellcasting Skill Modifier. 

The attack spells do not cast change either to the Undead or the Constructs. However, as you move towards the higher levels, you will notice that whenever you cast the attack spell by using a spell slot of 4th or higher, the Healing Effect multiplies by 1d4 per slot degree over the third. This game belongs to the class of Cleric. 

What Level Is Mass Healing Word? 

Mass Healing Word has a lot of higher levels. The more you escalate to reach the higher levels, the healing level dramatically increases. 

Is Mass Healing Word A Bonus Action? 

Mass Healing Word comes with a casting time of 1 bonus action. So yes, you get a bonus action here. No matter how higher levels you reach, the bonus action stays fixed and remains unchanged. 

Is There A Healing Cantrip 5E? 

In Mass Healing Word 5E, there is no such healing cantrip of “cure minor wounds.” Instead, the spell of “Cure Wound” comes when you are at the first level of the game. Therefore, it has to be ensured by the Cleric that a 1st level spell slot is spent to cast this spell of “Cure Wound.”

Can You Stack Mass Healing Card? 

In Mass Healing Card, a particular or same person cannot be marked as a target twice by using one casting. However, one spell called “Eldritch Blast” can focus its attention on the same person by one casting. In such cases, the phrase used is to steer the identical beams to mainly the same target or some different ones. 

Can You Target Yourself With Mass Healing Word? 

There is a provision of targeting oneself with Mass Healing Word. The spells of Cure Wounds and the Standard Invisibility Spell are based on targets on a creature that you can touch. These spells can never be applied to creatures that are impossible to touch. 


Mass Healing Word 5e has a massive craze among video game players. Adhering to the game rules and wielding the spells has specific rules that you need to follow. Take into account all the rules of the game and enjoy the thrill of attacking your target. Have fun!

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