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We have an entire section that discusses this topic at Fashion Place. I have been asked to design a blog recently and was offered no more than two choices. The first was to create a blog with my photography. I quickly realized that it would be a tough decision. I loved my photography and the fact that I had a blog (or two) would be a huge thing. The second choice was to start my own fashion line. I decided to do that too.

I have never been a fashion blogger. However, being a fashion photographer. I took photos of models and the like as a hobby. When I decided to start my own line, I wanted to specialize in fashion Place. I have also been a fashion designer. I have designed collections for both men and women. I have also worked with designers on a number of projects. However, I have never run a fashion brand. I have always been a blogger.

I can’t tell you how many times I have watched my family members and friends in the fashion industry.

All-too-familiar with the pitfalls of being a fashion designer (or a fashion blogger). They have all been very supportive and understanding of my passion for fashion. However, there are definitely some signs that you have a problem.

The first sign is that you are still obsessed with fashion Place.

For women, that obsession can be a little more obvious. You know how to wear something, you know the right way to style your hair, you know how to wear your clothes, and you have your perfect outfit? I think it is a little easier to be a fashion blogger because you are more likely to have a good idea of what you want and what you aren’t.

Fashion bloggers can be really self-conscious about the way they style their hair (and many women hate that), but they dont seem to mind being out in public. Most importantly, they seem to love their fashion and really love it when they love it so much. Just ask my friend who wears a pink hat.

The thing you need to know about fashion bloggers is that they don’t seem to care much about how people will find them, except for when they do. Most bloggers will go to a fashion show somewhere and not care if anyone is there because they are too busy to even care. That’s why being a fashion blogger doesn’t automatically make you a fashion designer, but it does set you apart from the other bloggers because it is a distinct type of style.

When you start blogging, you get famous. It’s like, “Okay, I’ll type and do what I want, but I won’t care if anyone reads it.” But once you start taking fashion seriously and getting really creative with the way you wear your hair, clothes, and accessories, you start to realize that you are not going to get much recognition doing it for other people.

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