Dana Wheeler-Nicholson is a popular American actress as well as a top singer. Born in New York City, Wheeler-Nicholson has currently settled in Austin, Texas. She resides over there along with her director husband, Alex Smith. She has featured in umpteen films. She received the love and admiration of audiences worldwide by her role of Gail Stanwyk in the movie titled Fletch, released in 1985. Dana has also acted in numerous TV series and daily soaps. 

Is Dana Wheeler-Nicholson Related to Jack Nicholson? 

Jack Nicholson is an eminent American actor and filmmaker. His career in acting and filmmaking has spanned over 60 years. He is a versatile actor and has played diversified roles ranging from a comical character to romantic heroes and even villains. He is also an Oscar winner. 

Owing to Jack’s resemblance of the surname to Dana’s, most people assume that both are probably kins. However, there is no such relation between Dana and Jack. It is absolutely a misconception to think that Dana Wheeler-Nicholson and Jack Nicholson have some connection between them. Dana is already married and has settled with her husband and children in Texas. 

What is Dana Wheeler-Nicholson worth? 

Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, the popular American actress, has a net worth of approximately $500 thousand. But, it is not a fixed value as $1.6 million is also considered to be the net worth value of Dana. 

Who Plays Angela Collette? 

In the TV Show Friday Night Lights, Angela Collette is a character played by Dana Wheeler-Nicholson. In the show, Dana played the role of the mother to Tyra and Mindy Collette. This TV series was inspired by the non-fiction book written by H.G. Bissinger in 1990. The creators also planned a film sequel to this show. Yet, owing to specific reasons, the producers decided not to move ahead with the movie. 

Who Played Evelyn On Bulls? 

The show of The Great Divide was directed by Michael Weatherly, who himself played the role of Jason Bull. In this show, the character of Evelyn Waters was played by Dana Wheeler-Nicholson. 

The TV show mainly revolved around the TAC team. This team encountered a conflict of interest. Such an event occurred when Benny presented the case to the court, and Chunk acted as the defendant in the same case. The case involved a mother who had charged against an artist as she thinks him to be responsible for her daughter’s demise. The story unfurls excitingly with lots of plot twists and suspense. 


Dana Wheeler-Nicholson is the perfect epitome of talents and brilliance. Her acting career is exemplary. No wonder why she goes on to leave a mark on the world of the American film industry. So, have you watched any of her films? How much did you love her performance? If you haven’t, you can straight away relax and go binge-watching the series. It’ll be fun!

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