If you love to bake, you may have noticed that cinnamon is a popular ingredient. It has a sweet and spicy flavor that can make your baked goods taste delicious! However, it turns out that not all humans are the only ones who enjoy this spice. Dogs also like cinnamon flavored goodies as well! Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon? You would be surprised to find out just how many of our canine companions love cinnamon scones and other types of treats. But before we get into whether or not dogs can eat cinnamon, let’s first talk about what it is exactly!

Is Cinnamon Healthy?

Cinnamon is a non toxic food for your dog. But, the main issue with cinnamon treats is that they can cause skin and digestive irritation, as well as sensitization. This means that if your dog already has a sensitivity to this spice or to other substances in the food, he may experience some discomfort after eating it.

Large quantities of ground cinnamon can also be dangerous for dogs as it can cause ileus, an obstruction of the intestine due to a mass in its wall.

Cinnamon essential oils are also harmful to dogs and can cause irritation on the mouth or other parts of their bodies if they ingest them. Cinnamon powder can cause coughing, choking, breathing problems and many other problems if breathed in.

If you do want to try using cinnamon in cooking for your dog, use a very small amount and monitor their reaction closely so that it doesn’t cause any problems. And be sure to keep them away from the spice after they eat it as well!

Cinnamon has a great amount of nutritional quality too. It contains a low calorie count, the ability to fight inflammation, and even help with digestion. It is not a fatal food, but it can give your dog some stomach issues if they ingest a large amount. 

How Should You Feed Cinnamon To Your Dog.

Dogs enjoy spices. Cinnamon is one of the most popular spices for humans and it is no different for your dog. If you want to give them a little spice in their life, then cinnamon may be the perfect option. 

Cinnamon can be added to the baking dishes like cookies, muffins, and scones. It can also be added to food as a spice or flavor enhancer. And it’s not just limited to those things either; your dog may even enjoy some cinnamon sprinkled over their meal! 

Cinnamon is safe for dogs when used in small quantities. When you are giving your dog baked dishes, keep it sure that it is low in calories and sugar as it may cause obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay. 

If your dog has a sensitive stomach or skin to cinnamon, then you may want to avoid using it as often. There is one thing that should be avoided when giving your dog anything with cinnamon in it: Ground Cinnamon! Ground cinnamon can cause digestive irritation and sensitization if they are consumed in large quantity.

Cinnamons are great nutrition in small quantities and you must not be afraid to give your dog this spice for a change. You may also treat them with a cinnamon scone or some other baked treat as long as it is low in calories and sugar.

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