Bihar Ration card list 2020

Bihar Government issues the ration card to offer an assistance to those poor families who require food supplies on subsidized rates. Each and every applicant of the Bihar Ration card is checking the eligibility and is then issuing a ration card in the name of the family. This ration card has a list of all the eligible family members. The ePDS website manages the list of ration card holders in the state of Bihar. You can easily search your name in the ration card list and then download the PDF list right from there. It will hold the names of all the ration card holders on your village, panchayat, ward, locality and district. 

How can you check the Ration card list in Bihar?

You can easily check the Ration card list in Bihar at ease. The Bihar Ration card lists are usually generated by the Public Distribution system of the Bihar Government. The list of ration card holders in Bihar is then uploaded on the ePDS website of the Bihar Government. 

  • At first, visit the ePDS website. The Bihar Government has launched an official website of the Ration card. The website is also called as the ePDS website. You can easily visit the official ration card by visiting the URL:
  • Select the name of the district. As soon as you open the ePDS website, you will be able to see an option to select the name of your district. The scroll option is going to comprise of all the districts of Bihar and you can search the name in the Bihar ration card list corresponding to your district name.
  • There are basically two types of Ration card list in the Bihar ePDS website. The first one is the Urban ration card list while the second one is the Rural Ration card list. As per your type of residence, you can choose which list you would want to search. If your residence is in rural area, you can open the Rural Bihar Ration card list, else, you can open the Urban list too. 
  • Just as you land up to the next page, you will be able to see all the blocks in your districts. You can easily select the name of your block by clicking on the name. In case you want to open the list of any particular area, you will have to click on that and the entire list will appear right before you on your screen. 
  • You can also select your Panchayat from the list on the next page itself. You can see all the panchayats of your selected block. If you want Ration card list of any particular panchayat, all you need to do is to click on its name and then you can open the Panchayat ration card list page. 
  • You can even click on the name of your village on the next page. This will help you fetch the ration card list of that particular village. 
  • You can choose your dealer’s name to open the Bihar Ration card list. This will help you fetch the name of the dealers in the village. 

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